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In the world of ZBIT virtual becomes reality.

ZBIT Contract Address

ZBIT Platform

Zbit works in different fields. Various sections of ZBit included Coin ,NFT ,Staking , Blockchain, Dex ,Game , Nft marketplace, Exchange ,Store. It is a very strong and extensive project . Our project & ecosystem From its inception, has done things differently.This digital currency will be different from other currencies.


Lion NFT

Lion characters are the best type of nft in the world of zbit Owners of this type of nft in the world of Zbit have two capabilities that other characters are deprived of these capabilities

Zbit produces two types of nft

1) Colored cards
2) Lion nfts


Zbit color cards are available in three colors: white, red and black.

ZBIT Staking

Zbit works in the field of staking Cryptocurrency staking is a low-cost alternative instead of mining - Staking means receiving profit in exchange for keeping a digital currency. There are two ways to do staking The first way is to keep digital currency in your wallet For example, you can keep a crypto in your trust wallet and receive a profit in return. The second way is to do this through Zbit Exchange. How to calculate staking reward in Zbit How much coins are saved by node What is the total amount of coins stored in the network? Inflation Other factors…

ZBIT Exclusive Blockchain

Zbit plans to launch its own blockchain on evm ethereum after ico expires So that people can move their zbit with the lowest fee
Advantages of ZBIT blockchain
- Open reading and writing Users can participate by delivering transactions to the blockchain. All users can view transactions on Blockchain Explorer.
- Distributed head office Databases are not as centralized as the client-server approach, and all nodes in the Zbit blockchain participate in transaction validation.
- Immutability Anything written in the blockchain cannot be changed.


we will have a Dex exchange section. This section will provide services to all members of this platform with the lowest possible fee.


ZBIT wants to design the game in the realm of metaverse.
This game will be designed in the style of open world and includes the daily life of the characters
But in this game, you will face different and amazing rules.
The first role will be played by a lion character
The common currency of this game will be ZBIT coins
ZBIT nfts are designed for use in this game
Zbit produces two types of nft
1) Colored cards
2)Lion nfts
Zbit color cards are available in three colors: white, red and black.
One of the most important features of this game will be the connection of the game with Zbit store.
Using this feature, players can make all their game purchases a reality.
And in this part, one of the most important goals of Zbit will be realized, that is, the virtual will become a reality.
In this game, a special social network will be designed that has trading room and players can communicate with worthy traders.
For the convenience of users in the game and the real world, we will have a Dex exchange section

NFT MarketPlace

ZBIT is on a mission to create a strong community of NFT enthusiasts (content creators, traders , collectors, etc.) wanting to buy, sell or trade NFTs, in a hassle free environment. The goods of this market place are added in several ways 1: Products that are added and produced by us, the god of ZBIT 2: Products that are crafted and sold by game players, which need the approval of people who have lion nft

ZBIT Exchange

Zbit Exchange is an online exchange that supports crypto-to-crypto trades.

Benefits of Zbit Exchange

- Countless altcoins

- Low fee


- Coin initial supply lunch pad (ico)


High trading volume

Futures Trading Contracts are between two persons which a specific asset is traded on a specific date at a price agreed upon by the parties to the contract. Here you are dealing with contracts, in fact you are trading contracts on the crypto you want.

Margin trades in Zbit

Margin trading allows traders to borrow more money from a third party, such as an exchange office, in addition to their current capital to buy and sell the cryptocurrency, and to trade with more money as the loan is added to the current asset.

ZBIT Store

Zbit plans to launch one of the most special stores in the world
Users will experience one of the safest purchases with the ZBIT store
In this store, we will have both wholesale and retail
All companies and manufacturers can have their own profile in Zbit store and sell their goods without any restrictions.
In this store, you can buy all goods with or without insurance.
If the received goods are of low quality and for any reason the buyer is not satisfied with the goods, they can return the goods.
Zbit store will be connected to the Zbit game.
As we said before, one of the most important goals of zbit is to make virtual become reality
The most special feature of ZBIT store will be that users can buy with all digital currencies available with ZBIT store from Amazon, ebay, alibaba and made in china sites, and if they buy with ZBIT coins, they will also enjoy a percentage discount.
You can buy from ZBIT store anywhere in the world and receive your package within 15 days.
With ZBIT Store you understand the concept of business, efficiency and quality.

Join our ICO Now

Zbit works in different fields.
Various sections of ZBit included Coin , NFT , Staking , Blockchain , Dex , Game , Nft marketplace , Exchange and Store .
Our project & ecosystem
From its inception, has done things differently.
By visiting our site, you can understand how ZBit is different from other platforms.
Expect the most special ico on the most special platform in the world.
Participate in ICO and don't miss this golden opportunity.


  • Presale
    Presale starts on Aug 1 2022 (00:00am GMT)
  • Sale
    sales starts on Sep 15 2022 (12:00am GMT)
  • 46
  • 00
  • 00
  • 00
Soft Cap


  • Tokens Supply
    All Supply : 189,216,000 ZBIT
    In BNB Network : 50% All Supply
    In Ethereum Network : 18% All Supply
    In Polygon Network : 16% All Supply
    In Tron Network : 16% All Supply
  • Token ICO
    50% All Supply


  • Tokens Sales
    1 200 000 KP (22%)
  • Token Exchange
    1 BTC = 2200 KP, 1 ETH = 825 KP
  • Transations
    Minimal transaction amount is 1 BTC, 1 ETH, 1 LTC

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We are a professional and very hard_working team . The ZBIT team is available 24 hours a day, both through social media and through the same site and via email. Don't worry our team is here to help you

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